I have always had a passion for my Italian heritage. I have spent a lot of time in bell’Italia exploring the country with my mother, brother, wife and children. Sharing and exposing the culture of Italy with my Tennis Italia clients has been a pleasure over the years.

Tennis has developed over the years into a prominent “life sport” for me. I became interested in the idea of creating a tour business combining tennis and Italian culture. It was during a spring trip to Tuscany, with my wife Betsy and our two children Georgia and Domenic, that the idea of Tennis Italia was born. We visited a tennis club in Impruneta, Sporting Club Ugolino, where we met Marco Filippeschi, the resident pro. After several visits to the Club, Marco and I were able to develop a tennis program.

The following autumn, I returned to Impruneta to finalize the tennis program with the Sporting Club Ugolino. I also wanted to give the tennis players an opportunity to experience the essence of the Tuscan region by exploring its landscape, its vineyards, its food, its history and its people. Every afternoon, following tennis, will be spent discovering what makes the Tuscan region so unique and special.